"Store" Navigation missing from Menu


I while ago I asked the Question...
"How do I get my nav bar NOT to have "products" "shopping cart" "order status" that Marketpress has automatically put into it? I would just like to have my chosen pages and products listed and put the shopping cart link/order status links somewhere else." .... and I was given a really simple answer that worked :slight_smile:

Now I have downloaded the new version of Market Press I want those Store navigations back (sorry to be a pain), but when I go to undo what I was originally told to do, to get rid of them, I can't find the code, it's not on the line mentioned (107 I think) :slight_frown:

To be honest I expected the new version to have new .php files and to have actually put it back in itself, but that's not the case.

I have followed the new instructions under presentation (as shown in the installation and instructions manual) but that's not helped.

The web address is http://designwebs.co.uk/taylormadepine/

The "your cart" menu item is one I have put in myself.

Please help - thank you. :slight_smile: