Store theme not working with PayPal Express

I previously posted, received 1 tech response then nothing for 8 days...Please help!!!

Thanks for the reply, but I'm not sure you and I are referencing the same page.
step 1 - I look at my shopping cart & click "check out now"
step 2 - I am brought to a checkout page which does ask for my shipping info & click continue checkout
step 3 - I am brought to the "blank" checkout page. Based on the message I have programmed here in the store settings/messages - this is supposed to be the "Payment Form Page". IF I continue through this page as far as I can go (which is the confirmation page) - I get an error message BUT there is nothing on this page to complete.
Step 4 - I am brought to the PayPal site to complete my payment information.
here's the link:
Hope this detail helps you help me :slight_smile:
I've tried as you recommended, I have selected manual payment and Pay Pal Express as the 2 payment forms.
The page is no longer blank, it now has 2 icons and asks the customer to choose a payment method BUT, it does not keep the selection....I select Pay Pal, enter all my info on the Pay Pal site, then still when it brings me back to confirm the order, it gives the same error message, and brings me back to the page with the 2 payment options - neither shows as being previously selected.
WPMU advertises that the MarketPress Grid Market will work with PayPal Express as a payment method.
This is critical to small business owners - strictly using a manual payment arrangement and foregoing PayPal is really not a secure option.
Please assist me and fellow member priyanka1011 in resolving this issue with the program.