Store using wrong template

I have a peculiar bug. Several of my stores seem to be using the wrong template, and they are showing products from other stores. I made some other changes to the template that make it obvious that it's not just the query.

I am using buddypress, marketpress, framemarket and gridmarket, and i reinstalled all of them fresh.

I made changes to framemarket/library/functions/marketpress.php and that is the one that most of the stores are using, but not these couple that are going weird.

NB: adding /store/ to the url makes it display correctly.

These ones are being weird

But these ones aren't

I checked as many of the theme options as I could find and they seem to be identical.

Any thoughts?

PS> on a different but related note - the woolgathering site has the store picker showing but none of the others do. I have no idea why. As I said, i reset all the themes/plugins.