straightforward way of exporting and importing layouts

Hey guys,

Have a little emergency.

On one of my subsides,,

I have the Upfront Spirit theme installed that I’ve customized into a rebranded child theme.

I build my customized Spirit child theme, called H.I. Playbook, using the Upfront Builder as recommended.

Everything’s working well.

The issue I’m having is that I customized the Homepage layout of, using the Upfront Editor, and I’m trying to export that Homepage Layout, so that I can import it to the Homepage of the main site,

There doesn’t seem to be a straightforward way of exporting and importing layouts with Upfront yet, unless I’m overlooking it.

I thought I’d be able to simply export that homepage layout with the WordPress Importer plugin.

BUT, since I customized the “Homepage”, and not a “New page”, it’s not showing up in my “Pages”.
It doesn’t seem that I’m able to export the homepage of the upfront themes.

Nor do I see a way of simply turning the Upfront homepage into a template page, so I can simply clone it to another page and export that page.

Am I overlooking the feature that allows me to export the homepage layout of the Upfront Spirit theme?

Can I have some instructions on how I’d be able to do so?

I’ve granted support access to my site if needed.