strange behavior with expiration / deactivation

We have a strange behavior when it comes to expiration / deactivation om memberships.
We have a site where we add our members manually to one ore several memberships on the members tab. The members have no access to do anything with their memberships. Memberships has no cost.

There is an inconsistency how the expiration/deactivation works. I have tried to find out why it is like this, but with no luck. Users/members are added in the same way. Sometime the membership does as it should and deactivates, sometimes it expires and sometime nothing happens.

Please help!

imageMembership shows how I have set ut the three memberships that I talk about.

image1: Person has "Bedömning BKR" and it expired yesterday, but it still is visible in list.

image2: Person has "Bedöming- BKR - Uppdatering" that expired 2015-07-15 and is still visible in list, Receptsamling got deactivated as it should on 2015-07-19

image3: Person has "NystartJämn" in list and it says it is still active, expires on 2015-07-30 and should be switched to "AfterNystart". Person also have "Bedömning Matplan" that is deactivated as it should.

image4: Person has "Efter Nystart" is it should be. this person was in the same group as the person in image3.

image5: shows a person that the deactivation of "Bedöming - BKR -Uppdatering" has worked as it should. "After Nystart" is added manually.

Best regards