Strange issue when changing post type

I am changing one of my websites (, in the current version all profiles are stored as a normal post, under specific categories. In the new version I'm using a custom post type called 'Accounts'.

When I try to change the current post type from post to account I can't find the post under Posts anymore (which is good, ofcourse), but it won't show up under Accounts either.
I've tried this with the Custom Post Type Switcher (or something like that) and also tested with changing the post type manually in the database. I even changed the guid in the table, to make sure it matches a few accounts I entered manually. But still: not there in the list.

The funny thing is, the account that won't show up in the backend does show up in the frontend. So in the frontend it looks like everythings okay, but I am unable to find it in the backend.
Any idea what's going wrong here? I've got about 150 profiles to change from post to account and - needless to say - I'm not looking forward to adding all those by hand (had to add all users by hand, since it's not possible to import users from a normal WP installation into a WPMS install..).

  • Ivan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Hiranthi,

    Sorry I am not too deep with this specific stuff and I might say something stupid, I see you are obviously using the JJJ plugin here so it will be best if you ask him for support on this one.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Hiranthi,

    As I've said in your other thread, I'm sorry you feel the support you're getting isn't up to scratch - I will try my best to ensure this isn't the case.

    I'd like to help with this issue and I have an idea I may know where the problem lies, but I want to be clear on the problem first.

    Can you clarify;
    - You had a post (in Posts) that you converted to a new post type called "Accounts"?
    - Did you use CustomPress to create the new Accounts custom type?
    - If you create an Account by scratch, using the backend does it then appear as expected in the backend as well as the frontend?

    Here is my thinking.... I believe that CustomPress currently (and Ivan please correct me if I'm wrong) will not show custom post types, or custom posts in the backend that were not originally created using CustomPress.

    So my third question is aimed at determining whether CustomPress is working - i.e. correctly showing posts/types created with it.

    If so, that leaves the question of how you can get your 'converted' posts to appear in the CustomPress backend. At this stage I am not entirely sure whether or not this is possible, but I suspect some tinkering with the database may sort it - Ivan can you advise here please?

    I hope this gets you nearer to a resolution as I'd hate for you to have to go to unnecessary effort when you're paying us for support!


  • Hiranthi
    • Recruit

    With help from Nacin and Amir (of WPML) I found that the issue was that changing a custom post type doesn't update the table of WPML, which is needed in order to recognize the posts. So, I've got that issue fixed.
    The other issue doesn't need fixing anymore, since I've decided to code the custom post types etc. myself.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Hiranthi,

    Sorry for this - your last post slipped under my radar for some reason, I do apologise.

    It makes sense to me that CustomPress won't update the tables created by other plugins such as WPML.

    Building such integration would be too big a task to build in as standard as well as making CustomPress too heavy, which would likely affect performance.

    However, if you have a solution to integrated CustomPress with WPML then it'd be great if we could provide that as a patch to other people using them!

    Is that something you might like to contribute?


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