Strange Loading Problems

not sure if I am posting this problem in the right place or not. Mods feel free to move if it is. I am having a very strange problem on one of my wordpress installs that is driving me up a wall. For some very strange reason when you visit this page sometimes it loads right and other times it does not. When it does not load right, it wont show the header image or the right sidebar. When I do get it to load right, and then click refresh on the page, it loads wrong every time. when it loads wrong if I select the url in the address bar, and then click enter on my keyboard it loads right every time.

I have tried changing themes and it does this on every theme. Even the 2010 theme.

I have tried deactivating all the plugins and this has not resolved the issue either.

If any one can give me any insite to why this might be happening, I would be highly appreciative!

Thanks in advance.

Tony V