Strange Membership Premium Plugin Behavior


Sorry for the rant, you guys are rockin the WPMU world, and I gotta share, so you have one more customer perspective to hopefully not ignore.

I've got a couple sites setup. Followed the instructions and tutorials on setting up Membership. It completely locks out folks from one site, no matter what permissions, subscriptions and access levels I set. Deactivate and reactivate the plugin, and it's got the same settings. Completely ripout the settings manually and start over: No luck.

On the other site, my sandbox site, it seems fine. Access levels are doing what they should do. Bizarre. And frustrating: I've spent hours on this.

The documentation is kinda weird, too. Some in the instructions, some in a tutorial or two. It'd be great to have great configuration info in a "must-do-in-this-sequence" walk-thru.

One last request: Instruction on how to scrub the plugin completely so that re-activating starts with a completely clean slate. That'd be great for those of us who like to repeatedly bash our brains in from every conceivable direction before we trouble tech support. Some of actually read and do pretty exhaustive testing and config changes before reaching out to you guys.

OK. Thank you very much for reading my little novella. Appreciate you guys a bunch. I'd love to get this resolved before i go spend even more money on a completely different plug-in, but if I've gotta wait for the next release before I can rock this plugin, then I'm outta luck. And more money. Ugh.

- Michael