Strange paths - /downloads/ms_1234.png

After installing several plugins somehow invalid image URLs started to pop up like http://SERVERNAME/downloads/ms_1234.png but I don't know where they came from. If the path name rings a bell than a short reply would be appreciated.
Disabling plugins is no longer an option because the site is depending on them so only cloning would be an option.


  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey @tricoos

    Hope you are doing great !!

    The Membership 2 Media Add on plugin causes the urls to be protected and masked like you posted.

    Likely you have linked to a masked image / protected image and the underlying image link has changed.


  • tricoos
    • Flash Drive

    Hi again,

    the problem was that the website logo and the favicon (which were set in the Valenti Theme 5) were also replaced by the "protected links". After disabling the addon they were still wrong and not working anymore at all so I had to replace the links manually.
    Looks like there is an incompatibility between the Valenti 5 theme and the Mebership Pro 2 Media add-on.


  • tricoos
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Jude,

    yeah, with enabling that option all hell broke lose. The problem is that it modified graphics on non-protected pages like the main logo or on a landing page that was never protected at all. I had to fix all those invalid graphics manually.
    I highly suggest looking into this.


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