strange permalinks issue in multisite

I have a site where we created a sub-directory site called “Zinnia”:

Later, my client decided to archive that site and just make it a page. So I created a page but noticed immediately that I couldn’t of course name the slug “Zinnia” since that was taken up. I archived the site. Couldn’t get the ‘zinnia’ slug back. Then I changed the name of the archived sub-site to something else. STILL couldn’t get the Zinnia slug back. Tried a permalinks reset; didn’t help.

Is there some place in the database that I’d be able to wipe out that original slug? Would much prefer to not have to use “zinnia-2” as the slug, but can’t find anywhere that I can fix this from within the dashboard.

Thanks in advance…

  • peter_harris
    • Syntax Hero

    Hmmm, how to run a query on a post that’s already deleted?

    But thing is… it wasn’t a POST that had the “zinnia” slug to begin with… it was a sub-site. The PAGE named Zinnia was created after, so that’s how it got the “zinnia-2” slug. But even after changing the subsite name, I still couldn’t use the “zinnia” slug. That help explain things a bit more?

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey why not just run a query across the DB for the term “zinnia” and see where its stowed away .. at that point you can make a choice on how you want to delete it.

    Also makes sense checking if your .htaccess has some rewrites for the original slug



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