strategy for multiple services, with one calendar


Ok listen we are new to this.

We have 30 types of sonographies, 1 machine, 1 calendar, 4 providers.

Question are:

1. If I create 30 services in setting, with capacitiy 1, and with 4 providers, then calendar will work fine? in order to display all info at once? I mean, how calendar prevents overlapping if came from different 4 providers? and many services?

2. I also have an alert: One of your services is not divisible by the time base. Please visit Services tab and after making your corrections save new settings.....


-default service duration is 20min.

-Time base (minutes) is 20min

-Minimum time to pass for new appointmen is 10000000

-Allow Overwork (end of day) is sse to yes.

Where is error located??