Striking theme feature and content DIV gone AWOL

Howdy again,

Got another question….

I’m using Stiker theme by Kaptinlin from Theme forest.

When I go to view wp-signup.php or want to checkout/upgrade a pro site subscription. The feature DIV (which basically display the background of the page title) and content DIV have gone AWOL, hence the main content section of the page isn’t lined up with the header and footer.

I understand it’s not your theme so you don’t know the code, but can you think of any of your plugins that may effect the code between the header and content section of the site.

Since I already have live sites on the multisite platform, I dont really want to start disabling all the plugins to troubleshoot until I have to :S

You can see whatt I mean here.

Thanks in advance


PS. I’ll add a list of your plugins that I’m using shortly