Stripe Connect for Marketpress

When is the last time a feature request was popular enough to be implemented?

PayPal Chained Payments for marketpress is bad. This isn’t wpmu dev’s fault. This is PayPal’s fault because they don’t seem interested in offering that service to a lot of c2c businesses, like those that use wpmu dev’s services as a platform for their business.

Stripe, on the other hand, at this time, does not have a meaningful stake in eBay or any other major c2c business (like PayPal does), so they don’t care if you use Stripe Connect to compete with c2c businesses (like PayPal does).

So it’s not only logical that stripe connect be integrated with marketpress as a substitute for PayPal Chained payments, but if WPMU DEV is concerned about the quality and value of their product, it’s a necessary must.

This feature was requested several years ago, and at the time, it received a lot of relative interest. So why has it still not been implemented?

This, for me, is something I have to have. I don’t want to go to “jobs & pros”, because I don’t like working with freelance developers I’ve never heard of.

So, if WPMU DEV doesn’t want to, or is incapable of implementing this vital service, are there at least hooks that I can use to hook into the payment system code of marketpress to develop my own plug in to run alongside marketpress without having to touch the marketpress code? If so, does anyone have any files that exist (but have not yet been implemented) that I could use to help me get started and save me hours or days of frustration?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.