Stripe does not verify zip code nor allow option for billing address

Hi WPMUDev Team,

I had an interesting situation when testing the Stripe payment portal via MarketPress.

I tested the CVC verification and it works perfectly (i.e. denied card if incorrect/ processed if correct)

I also tested the zip code verification; that does not function properly (i.e will process whether correct or not).

I know that this will not be a priority for the developers (all due respect, I completely understand the extent of your workload). Is there something I would be able to do to integrate the zip code verification and the input of the billing address to the card on the payment (or "checkout") screen?

The inability of not being able to change the shipping address or billing address (or lack of verification) can pose a huge fraud risk and limit sales potential.

If there is anything i can do; i would love to do it. Let me know the files i have to edit to add at least a zip code verification field in the checkout page so users would be able to ship the product to wherever they like but would still need to know the zip code originating from the credit card.

I have to always say; your team's development makes it possible for businesses to become successful online. Your talents are invaluable. Thank you for your dedication.

  • PC

    Hey there,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums and your kind words. They are much appreciated :slight_smile:

    Stripe does include AVS (Address Verification System) which you can read about here : and here :

    In MarketPress it can be found inside MarketPressIncludes >> plugins-gateway >> stripe.php and you can search for CVV and see where its collecting information.

    That is the place to start I reckon.

    I have also asked our lead developer @Jonathan to chime in on this thread and have a closer look to see if this is something which he can add in a new plugin release.

    He should be around soon.

    Cheers, PC

  • Jonathan

    Hey @ACF Global,

    The reason address verification doesn't work with the MarketPress Stripe gateway is because we don't submit billing info along with payment info. Within the Stripe gateway you could add a zip code field to the payment form. Then within the stripe_token.js file within the Stripe.createToken method add the zip code field:


    address_zip : $('#zipcode').val()

    Hope that helps.

  • David Thibault

    It appears from my Marketpress settings that it's still not possible to collect billing address info from customers in Marketpress. Is this correct? I'm using Stripe as a payment gateway with Marketpress. I had a conversation with Stripe about possible fraudulent charges recently and they responded with this:

    Firstly, It seems that you are not collecting the full billing address when you create charges. I'd recommend collecting and passing as much information as possible with every charge. It is especially important when shipping merchandise to customers to always collect the billing address of the card and match that with the shipping address. In this way, you can prove that the merchandise was shipped to the address associated with the payment card (given the bank verifies the address). I would also recommend making sure that you have all your checks enabled (ZIP, CVC). This would help to greatly reduce the chance for fraud on your account. For a little more information about these checks and how to identify fraud I'd strongly recommend to check out the link below:

    Therefore, Marketpress really should offer the functionality of requesting and verifying billing address when processing charges. Can you please get this on the development roadmap?

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