Stripe does not verify zip code nor allow option for billing address

Hi WPMUDev Team,

I had an interesting situation when testing the Stripe payment portal via MarketPress.

I tested the CVC verification and it works perfectly (i.e. denied card if incorrect/ processed if correct)

I also tested the zip code verification; that does not function properly (i.e will process whether correct or not).

I know that this will not be a priority for the developers (all due respect, I completely understand the extent of your workload). Is there something I would be able to do to integrate the zip code verification and the input of the billing address to the card on the payment (or "checkout") screen?

The inability of not being able to change the shipping address or billing address (or lack of verification) can pose a huge fraud risk and limit sales potential.

If there is anything i can do; i would love to do it. Let me know the files i have to edit to add at least a zip code verification field in the checkout page so users would be able to ship the product to wherever they like but would still need to know the zip code originating from the credit card.

I have to always say; your team's development makes it possible for businesses to become successful online. Your talents are invaluable. Thank you for your dedication.