Stripe Gateway for WHMCS


Since you've ventured into WHMCS add-ons, and since you've added Stripe support to some of your plugins, it would be great if you would offer a Stripe gateway for WHMCS. I know that doesn't directly related to WordPress, but it would be a big help for those of us using your other WHMCS add-ons.

Stripe is very popular, and I don't think WHMCS has any concrete plans to add Stripe support. There are third-party gateways available, but there are issues. One doesn't seem to use Stripe's API, and people are reporting lots of fraudulent transactions as a result. Another one is brand new but I don't know the developer so I'm not sure whether to trust it. And, since the code is encoded, it's hard to vet it.

There is a WHMCS Stripe gateway on SourceForge, but it doesn't appear to be actively developed or supported.

However it might be a good head start for a WPMU Dev add-on.

Thanks for listening!