Stripe Gateway:This site is using different gateway so their information is not accessible.

I have a clean install everything is working fine until you review the "Manage Sites" link to view subscription information etc. This message is displayed:

This site is using different gateway so their information is not accessible.

The only gateway I configured was Stripe. I configured it before I created the account. I configured it under test mode, but before I did that, I
a. cleared all data from Stripe test account
b. deleted all old plans from test account.

I then set my levels, saved them and confirmed that my Stripe test account web hook was set and that the new plans I had created had populated the "plans" in my Stripe Account.

Should all be good right? Well nope :slight_smile:

Attached is my error log (can't find the customer basically):

Couple other things, did get the brief message "There are pending changes to your account and this will go away, etc.). It did go away.

The last 4 digits obviously wont work.

Really could use some help getting this figure out, seems I have just run around in a circle for the last week.


  • Ken

    Hi Sajid,

    With no luck making any progress on the Stripe gateway (stripe logs and events are error free btw),
    I started to work on the PayPal test gateway. All seemed to be working fine there, no errors in error log transactions posting to paypal, posting to prosites (appear to be correct) but if you have a "free" site in your account things go bad. Like I said backend records look good but the frontend records that the customer sees, shows the paid sites as being free and therefore not displaying any subscription info etc. You can checkout my test stores for this, feel free to change the user password to check frontend.

    The only real new clue I got out of this testing was that "free" account may have something to do with all of it.

    Also, with Stripe activated it breaks Paypal (click paypal button and it loops) apparently can't have both.

    I need my accounts to have multiple sites, including free and paid. I also want to offer both PayPal and Stripe gateways. Is this just not possible? Really don't know what else I can do here, could sure use some help getting this fixed or at least help me understand what Pro Sites can and can't do.

    Shoud I open a new thread for this or you want to address this as well?


  • Ken

    Hi Sajid,

    Stripe is definitely a Pro Sites issue. Setup completely new multi-site, different server (although basically same flavor). Exact same behavior (attached log file). I am going to assume PayPal is going to act the same on this box as well. I have pretty much done all the testing for you guys. Will you please!! get the developer to fix this or send me a patch. I know it is the weekend, but for goodness sake, take down your 24/7 banners!!!! If this was a live site I would be out of business! If you take a look at some of my recent posts you can see where my frustration is. I guess my next step is going to be to hire a developer, cancel my memberships with you guys (because most of your stuff is open source) and see if I can make a go of it that way. This stuff you guys are distributing just doesn't work - or definitely not the way you have it described. Also, why would you guys push an update on Thursday and then shut down for the weekend? Why did you grab my ticket (I responded almost immediately) and then call it a day? Really!

    Tossing in the towel,

  • Ken

    Hi Umesh!

    PayPal looks good and Stripe is almost there!

    PayPal was successful in my test: create free account > upgrade free account > add paid account (same user).. No log errors, all entries seem to be in proper place with Pro Sites and PayPal. Will try other scenarios later, so for so good. Both subscriptions created properly.

    Well we are almost there, and I think I have discovered the problem with Stripe (please review the Pro Sites account info page. Here is what happens when you add a second paid account to the same user in Stripe.

    We have this notice:
    There are pending changes to your account. This message will disappear once these pending changes are completed.

    The log entries:

    1st acct:
    2015-08-31 7:29:46 am Stripe webhook "invoice.created" received: Customer ID: cus_6teFtlIvZphfCS
    2015-08-31 7:29:45 am Stripe webhook "customer.subscription.created" received: Customer successfully subscribed to virtualSHOPS Pro Plus: $14.99 every 1 month.
    2015-08-31 7:29:42 am Pro Site status expiration extended until September 30, 2015.
    2015-08-31 7:00:09 am Stripe webhook "invoice.payment_succeeded" received: The $14.99 payment was successfully received. Date: "August 31, 2015", Charge ID "ch_16fqxDCEckAXCJvDDZg28O0j"

    2nd acct:
    2015-08-31 7:29:41 am Payment receipt email sent to
    2015-08-31 7:29:37 am User modifying subscription via CC: Plan changed to (virtualSHOPS Pro Plus: $14.99 USD each month) - cus_6teFtlIvZphfCS

    As you will readily see, there are only 2 entries, not the required 4 to properly complete.

    The PROBLEM IS Pro Sites told Stripe to modify the subscription not create a new one.

    Front-end looks fine for both accounts, but the message: There are pending changes to your account. This message will disappear once these pending changes are completed. Appears on their "Plan Page". (pix) And if you go to the pro-site page you will now see that the first account has not been activated (pix), because when we paid for the second account it tried to "modify" the first subscription and the second subscription was never "created".
    Access is on.
    Look forward to your reply,



  • Ken

    Hi @Umesh,

    Awesome, I tested it this morning and could find no problems with Stripe and it behaved as expected. There is a small 'housekeeping" issue, but since it is just informational (meta) I don't think it has any impact on payment or subscriptions. You will note on the attached that the Stripe record for the customer does not include the second blog name, not a big deal but would be nice to have all together.

    I did run into a problem on PayPal. It seems that if you pay for an account with PayPal initially and the you try and upgrade it with PayPal (after clicking the pay with paypal button) It spins a little and then refreshes the page. No errors, no change to the account nothing. Rinse and repeat, same thing.

    Now if you take the same account you initially paid with paypal and pay with stripe you are able to upgrade the account. I had intermittent results when doing this. 1. The payment was processed , but when the screen refreshed I got this result page (pix) instead of a confirmation page. (same result on 2015 theme, btw). Page indicates I now have a free account, even though I really don't. 2. Trying the same thing on a different account, I did get a good confirmation page, It had the standard green notice "processing a payment ..... ", and the yellow notice "pending changes ... " payment processed, all good, the notices went away. The accounts were switched to use Stripe, records all look good. But, the PayPal subscription was untouched and not cancelled... Now they have two subscriptions. Maybe? I am not sure whether Paypal will check or not before charging again.

    Hope this makes sense, will test some more, and as always will be happy to test next patch.

    Great work,

  • Ken

    Hi @Umesh and @patrick,

    Stripe is doing great on "test account mode" with no issues on stand alone accounts. I am running into some issues with Free accounts adding Free accounts (not a Stripe issue and is present in both v3.5.1.3 and v3.5.1.4 beta2). I will open a new thread on that when I can get my head wrapped around what is going on enough to explain it to you all :slight_smile:

    Thanks all,

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