Stripe integration into my landing page

Hi there!

Hope you're doing well!

I've just moved from PayPal to Stripe and want to change my the buttons on my landing page to a Stripe checkout.

I've used a plugin called "Simply Pay Lite" to make Stripe transactions on one of my pages. You can see an example of this here:

Scroll down and click the blue ""Register my seat (Year 12)" button to see what I'm after.

This is one of the landing pages which still use PayPal:

The above page is created using my "Thrive Themes" plugin and I want the orange button which says "Buy Now for $24.99" to have the Strive pop-up like the other page.

Any idea on how I could do this?

Thanks for any help you can provide :slight_smile:

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Michael

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The "orange button" in question is currently pointing to PayPal gateway page so do I correctly understand that you want to replace it with Strip payment?

    If yes, you'd either need to use a plugin such as e.g. the one you used on your other page - that provides Stripe gateway integration - or you'd need it to be custom developed for you. But I believe that the plugin would do the job.

    However, should this payment be somehow integrated with "something" - like some sort of booking system or store plugin that you already got running on site? I'm asking because adding a payment button is one thing but I'm not familiar with your site yet so I'm not sure how the site works/should work and what should be happening after payment. Could you tell me a bit more on this, please?

    Best regards,

  • Michael
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    No worries! I just want it to go directly to a payment gateway, though I don't know what plugin would be suitable for this. Do you have any idea?

    The plugin I've used for stripe on the other page uses it's own button which isn't ideal.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Michael

    I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. I checked both pages and I think the solution that you found out meanwhile is just fine. We can make it look like the "paypal page" with just some additional CSS:

    .simpay-checkout-form .simpay-payment-btn {
      -webkit-border-radius: 200px 200px 200px 200px;
      border-radius: 200px 200px 200px 200px;
    .simpay-checkout-form .simpay-payment-btn span {
      text-shadow: none;
      font-family: "Open Sans",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
    .simpay-checkout-form .simpay-payment-btn:hover > span {

    This should do the trick. To apply it to your site add it via "Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS" or via some "Custom CSS" option of your theme settings (if there's such option) and make sure to clear all the caches on site and in browser before checking effect on page.

    Let me know, please, if it worked for you.

    Best regards,

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