Stripe Payments Not Recognized, Site Subscription Being Cancelled


Pro-Sites billing issues continue.

I just had another incident where a paying customer -- a regular paying one -- was billed, the bill was paid, and the site subscription was turned off. I have manually extended it, but this is not a solution.

Ever since the 3.5 upgrade, Pro-Sites and Stripe have been having problems. There is something wrong between the communication between Stripe and Pro-Sites.

Previously, Stripe was not adjusting to any changes in the subscription so each time a payment was made, the member was reverted back to the original subscription choice. I fixed that by manually adjusting every subscription in Stripe.

However, this error was for an unchanged subscription, which had been successfully billed in the past. Stripe sent the bill, a charge was successful, but evidently Pro-Sites didn't get the message and it shut the site down.

Why is this happening and how can we fix it?