Stripe – Pro Sites, Anyone Else using? Upgrading, Coupons, Etc – Live Strip Behavior Concerns

I tested Stripe in beta, and did not see this behavior. Now, because this pro site was in beta, I am wondering if some of the behavior is acting up.

However, what I noticed was when a user in a Trial mode was upgraded, the purchase was delayed for the pending expiry of pro sites.

However, the pending invoice created in stripe does not show the coupon code that was applied.

I will not be able to tell if the coupon will not be applied properly until 9/3, but I am curious if anyone else is using stripe/pro sites ; and had any feedback.

Some things i noticed

Pro Sites does not upload coupons created in pro sites to stripe

When a coupon is applied to a strip customer, with a name like “10off” giving them $10 off (lets say $10 off a $100 order); when an order is placed in pro sites – stripe records a coupon for the appropriate percentage off with some varchar/random coupon name.

ANyone else seeing behaviour like this?