stripslashes from blog-directory plugin

Ive successfully added some additional details to the blog-directory plugin.
One of these was the 'path' variable on the MYSQL "blogs" database.

This is showing the information I need (ie blog "path" on the blogs directory output page on my site)

To return this I have used the following code:

// $content .= ' <td > ' . $blog{'path'] . </td> ' ; //

This returns /blogexample1/ from server and displays /blogexample1/ on the blogs list OK

However I want to get rid of the slashes either side of the content, I wish to display eg blogexample1

Ive tried this: // $content .= ' <td > ' . stripslashes ( $blog{'path'] ) . </td> ' ; //
but I am having no joy!!.

I hope someone can Help.

P.S Happy St Patricks Day from Belfast Ireland!!