Strongly suggesting ading Notification Email for cancelled or expired sites

WPMU dev wanting to run by a suggestion I have mentioned before and I strongly suggest everybody using pro-sites does until the bug with subscriptions canceling after charging the user is fixed.(is anybody working on it?)

In the file: pro-sites.php on line 1490, inset the following line of code:

wp_mail( '', sprintf( __( 'Subscription canceled email sent to %s', 'psts' ), $email ), sprintf( __( 'Subscription canceled email sent to %s', 'psts' ), $email ), implode( "rn", $mail_headers ) );

Then on line 1502, insert the following line:

wp_mail( '', sprintf( __( 'Subscription Expired email sent to %s', 'psts' ), $email ), sprintf( __( 'Subscription EXPIRED email sent to %s', 'psts' ), $email ), implode( "rn", $mail_headers ) );

Theoretically, do this will send you an email each time pro-sites sends out the cancellation email.

Is this code correct? Wondering if there should be announcement email sent to all pro-site users to do this code until the bug is addressed.

Thoughts? Thanks!