Struggeling with Registering Procedure….

Hi there,

would appreciate very much if one of you could find the time to advise how to setup registering procedure correct. So, what I want to do is…

Simple signing up (using wp an buddy press) registration form. Next, if a visitor wants then join as member, we need more customer information (complexer signup form).

For that purpose we created one with gravity (extend fields in wp user profile, let the register form itself look horrible… and it would eliminate the idea of just a simple signup.

Next: What to do to get with Protected Content that extended (gravity) register membership form displayed?

What about the user data: Are they automatically merge into one database and which one? We would need both user data in other feature like member directory and buddy press profile / forum… etc.

Researched over hours… watched lots many you tube videos but anyhow I am unable to get the things done. Saddly, usually when it comes to that “merging” step, buddy press manual is obviously out dated… wpmu dev protected content is incomplete… and so on.

Thanks for your dedicated advise how you have evtl. managed this registering procedure using


bb press / buddy press

gravity forms


Until then