Struggeling with Registering Procedure….

Hi there,

would appreciate very much if one of you could find the time to advise how to setup registering procedure correct. So, what I want to do is…

Simple signing up (using wp an buddy press) registration form. Next, if a visitor wants then join as member, we need more customer information (complexer signup form).

For that purpose we created one with gravity (extend fields in wp user profile, let the register form itself look horrible… and it would eliminate the idea of just a simple signup.

Next: What to do to get with Protected Content that extended (gravity) register membership form displayed?

What about the user data: Are they automatically merge into one database and which one? We would need both user data in other feature like member directory and buddy press profile / forum… etc.

Researched over hours… watched lots many you tube videos but anyhow I am unable to get the things done. Saddly, usually when it comes to that “merging” step, buddy press manual is obviously out dated… wpmu dev protected content is incomplete… and so on.

Thanks for your dedicated advise how you have evtl. managed this registering procedure using


bb press / buddy press

gravity forms


Until then


  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, Prinz!

    If you’ve got BuddyPress installed, unless you need special fields on your registration form, you can use it and the included extended profiles component in BuddyPress in lieu of Gravity Forms here. Once you have those fields added, go to the BuddyPress Pages settings and use the dropdown next to the registration page tool to select your Protected Content registration page.

    It should be just that simple, barring any plugin or theme conflicts.

    Thanks for your questions, Prinz, and your third reminder today that the Protected Content manual needs an update.

  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Michelle,

    hopefully you don’t get twice my reply to your kind help on this matter as we had just an internet interruption and I am not sure if the first response submitted or not.

    However, am very grateful that you always respond so promptly to my question that’s very kind of you. Unfortunately I still do not get the desired solution if I choose the suggested selection of BP registration.


    Tried out this opportunity. It works… no doubt but it shows then the entire form (including all extended fields) which is NOT the solution we need. On top of that, the form – it’s a long one – looks ugly apart from the idea, let a visitor of a site first do a simple sign up with just three fields of username, email address and password. Also, if I organize at the user level extended fields within groups ONLY the primary group appears on the registration screen when selected bp registration at protected content. Finally for the various membership level we have to have various registration forms too… e.g. a journalist as entirely an other ambitions to use our website compared to an enduser.

    However, fact is also a first time visitor of our site might fist to explore “without” shoe strings our offer, after that they will have the wish to register as a member… in that case, more mandatory personal data are necessary. That’s another example, why we need “ifferent ” registration forms which of course should be connected to the protected content solution as well.

    How do I manage that???

    Would you mind to give me a step by step instruction?

    Last but not at least: Sorry for bothering you when mention three times in a row the missing manual. I did this with the purpose that a responsible person for manuals gets an indicator what beginners or one with no or less experience need to know and understand (which would lead to the good situation that you – so kind and helpful support team – would not always be confronted with such simple questions. Please take my sincere apologize… under no circumstances was it my intention to challenge you or someone else form the entire support team.



  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @prinz

    Sorry the response took a while longer than expected. Appreciate your patience. Looks like Michelle is really busy and this one slipped through the gaps, I’m gonna take the liberty of chipping in here.

    I was researching this for you .. Can a somewhat modified approach work for you ?

    Like maybe with another plugin like this one ?

    Or with some code like shown here ?

    We are actually grateful you pointed out the manual is yet to be updated. Not at all offended. Also just letting you know you are a valued member and your feedback matters so please don’t bother.



  • Bad Breaks Communications
    • Flash Drive

    I believe I am waiting for similar answer (have raised this question in a separate post, but no satisfied solution yet).

    Guess what we are trying to achieve is to use a custom registration form to replace the one provided by PC, and then carry on the PC payment process.

    Jude, you pointed out the solution for custom registration form, which isn’t much different than Gravity Form. The missing part is the integration. How can I jump from, say, Profile Builder Pro registration form to PC payment process? I have more than one membership levels.


    Bad Breaks Communications

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @bad Breaks Communications

    Guess what we are trying to achieve is to use a custom registration form to replace the one provided by PC, and then carry on the PC payment process.

    I have a function here that can do this for you.

    apply_filters(		'ms_frontend_custom_registration_form', 'custom_registration'	);

    function custom_registration () {
    return do_shortcode("[gravity form id=13]") ;

    I don’t think this is what Prinz is looking at. It slightly more complex than that. Please open a new ticket if you want more details as this is @prinz thread and he has marked it resolved.

    Hi there @prinz

    Although you’ve marked this resolved I’ll be keeping an eye out for any posts on this from you. Thanks for being an awesome member



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