Student Login not working

Hello again - we previously had our test site here Login working fine there - after we transferred the site to the live host and URL, here - the login is not working any longer. We are not sure why it would stop working and was hoping you could help. Support access granted on the site in our dashboard, thank you.

  • Milan

    Hello Daryl

    Thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    What i saw when I visited your new site's login page was blank page just with "Login" title. But that is not the case with my sandbox testing. On my sandbox site I can see my login page without any issue.

    But after some deep look up I found out that if we change Login slug to something else, it works ! if we change slug system displays login form without any issue. To confirm this, please go to CoursePress Pro > Settings > Login Slug > Change it something else ( I had appended my name to test :wink: ) , Save the settings and check new slug. You will see login form.

    So this means that login form works but on different slug, which mean that there could be some page with same url, Can you make sure that there isn't any page with its url as


    If you are sure that there isn't any page with that url structure then best option to debug this would be plugin conflict test. If you do not know anything about plugin conflict test please do follow instructions given in the flowchart of this support manual here,

    If plugin conflict has nothing to say on this, please test this with default WordPress theme and let me know what theme test says.

    Look forward to hearing back. :slight_smile:

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