Studio: how do I put widgets in the feature sections?

Hi Folks:

I need to add widget areas to various parts of the front page of this site I’m building for a non-profit:

I’m sorry: I tried reading through the instructions on BuddyDress; it would be a great help if the instructions focused on the sections under the slider in Studio, rather on adding a widget to a sidebar, which is fairly easy to isolate.

For example, here’s where I am now in trying to follow the Buddydress instructions.

I’m using Studio Child, so:

1. I copied home.php from Studio and put it in the Child folder and kept the name ‘home’ because I presume it will get called before the parent theme does, so there shouldn’t be a conflict.

2. What I see in the home.php file is:

<?php get_header() ?>

<div id=”homepage”><!– start #homepage–>


$slideshow = get_option(‘dev_studio_slideshow’:wink:;

if ($slideshow == “yes”:wink:{

locate_template( array( ‘/library/components/slideshow.php’ ), true );






$featurecontent_on = get_option(‘dev_studio_feature_show’:wink:;

if ($featurecontent_on == “yes”:wink:{


<?php locate_template( array( ‘/library/components/feature-content.php’ ), true ); ?>

<?php } ?>

</div><!– end #homepage –>

<?php get_footer() ?>

3. I’m going to guess (and it’s only a guess as this doesn’t look like the sidebar.php example) that perhaps putting the widget code after the feature content section and before the locate template section might work.

4. Or, if that doesn’t work, I guess I will try putting the widget code into the feature content sentences before the div ends. Not sure…

Then I move to the functions.php part of the tutorial.

5. There’s almost no code at all in the Studio Child functions.php, so the only thing that comes to mind is to copy the code where home is ‘declared’ in the parent theme functions.php file. But I’m at a loss: I can’t seem to figure out where that could be in this mass of code, although, ironically, I do see where the sidebars are declared.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit spoiled as I came from iThemes where customizing the layout/widgets is built into the themes and the sections are labeled when I’m logged in, so I know exactly which section to change.

But their themes aren’t as perfect for what I need for my client as yours are, plus they don’t support Buddypress, so I chose Studio. I hope that there’s a simple solution that I’m just not seeing. If it can work it will be a vast improvement on the client’s current site (which is built in Expression Engine and I don’t have the time to figure it out, hence the switch)

If you can clarify what I’m doing wrong, I would so appreciate it: hopefully soon, as this is my last big hurdle before the deadline…

Thanks so much!