Studio Showcase Scroll Icons not displaying properly, tried changing much but to no avail.

OK, so on my site, the showcase buttons that signify which item is displaying in the scrolling showcase are not displaying properly in any browser.

I have analyzed the CSS & it's clear that the code in question is the list item "pagination" (forgive me for using improper CSS terminology, not my strong point).

This, or a conflict with some other CSS on the page, is causing the icons to display as larger blocks, and making the rollover function of the same icons misbehave as well.

ul.pagination{list-style-type:none;padding:0;margin:20px 0px;width:132px;position:absolute;}

ul.pagination li{float:left;margin:0px 5px;}

ul.pagination a{display:block;width:12px;padding-top:12px;height:0;overflow:hidden;background-image:url(../../library/styles/colour-images/pagination.png);background-position:0 0;background-repeat:no-repeat;}

ul.pagination a{background-position:0 -12px}

I feel like the answer lies somewhere in there, but haven't been able to hack it back into shape yet. Please help! :slight_smile: