Studio styling in IE is not looking so good!

Hey guys,

My site http://www(dot)marketingcompass(dot)co(dot)uk is build in wordpress, buddypress and using the studio theme and looks great, however using IE it’s terrible. The whole site looks mangled, the main text is white on a white background and worst of all I don’t know where it’s getting the styling from?! Could you take a look (might need to signup for a free account and get into the community part to see the worst of it in IE)

  • Paul Barthmaier
    • Code Wrangler

    Hiya Ben,

    I'm confused here. First off, using Styling in the same breath as IE seems oxymoronic. Secondly, are you telling me IE is still alive?? One of my colleagues wrote a little thing a couple of years ago on our blog with a trick:

    You might want to see if that does anything for you. I can also flag the developer to see if he has some thoughts. Ok?


  • bentemple
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Paul, I like step one (don't use IE) the problem is I reckon a fair few of my members will still use it and within the buddypress part of my site you can't really read anything. It's mostly setup in IE to be white text on a white background.

    I've checked all of the styling options in the Studio theme and there's no white text set anywhere!

    Also the Navigation bar is sitting ontop of the page heading on everypage and looks all squished/unreadable as a consequence.

    Some buttons (check the signup buttons in the membership forms looks completely different with blue backgrounds and blue text) the whole thing is a mess really. Sidebars aren't loading widgets properly and I can't see a full background in the header, just the logo part.

    Changing the browser is a great idea, but unless we can make everyone else do the same thing overnight, I've still got problems man, big hairy ones!

    Please flag the developer as there must be something they can do to make it at least readable on IE lol! :p

  • Mike
    • New Recruit

    Hi @bentemple

    We're just doing a little housekeeping to see if we have dropped the ball anywhere. We haven't replied here for over 6 months which is obviously not good enough.

    Do you still have this issue? If so can you tell me what exactly the issue is, let me know of any error messages. And let me know any fixes you have tried which have failed.

    Then I will see if I can help you out.


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