Studio Them Worflow

Hi, I'm french and starting a business in music, helping young DJs & producers. As I aim to publish a blog with a real communauty around my project I decided to become a WPMUDEV member. This company roxx!! Big up to all developpers.

I installed Studio Child Theme and I really want to know if the following things are feasible:

- a single page where I can explain my project/message and allow visitors to download my manifesto (it's a free PDF) in exchange for their email adress (I'd like to use Aweber). It could be integrated to the blog as an "About" page, no matter for that.

- a couple of sales/landing pages, outside the blog but within same domain name: sale of single products.

- a member section inside the blog with resctrictions, I want to tempt visitors to upgrade their free account with a paid access . So I want a pricing table too.

If I'm not wrong all this things could be done with WPMUDEV ? It should be a good reason to upgrade my account to Elite !!