Studio Theme brand header problem and some questions

The guys I have been working with have decided to change themes from bp daily to Studio.

I have been testing where all the features go, etc. I have deactivated all plugins except Buddypress.

I am using Studio child with the lastest Sudio 1.0.3. using WP 3.0.1 and BP

I have created a test full banner logo (980 x 100) as per header menu in appearance just to see where it is placed.

If I just have our name it is quite long which results in the menu dropping below the black bar.

Here are a list of problems I have encountered:

1. The banner hangs over the black header.

2. If I load the banner into the header section in menus it ends up beneath the name and community slider.

3. I am getting varying results in Chrome, IE8, IE8 compatibility and Firefox as to how the community slider opens.
a) Firefox it jumps to the top right of the banner
b) IE8 it works fine
c) IE8 in compatibility it jumps above the menu and covers it when opened
d) Chrome works fine.

4. if I take the logo off and just have our name I still have a problem in Firefox and IE8 in compatibility view.

a) Firefox the community slider jumps above menu and covers it when opened
b) IE8 compatibility view the menu stays at the top and wraps underneath, which looks ugly.

Then lastly a sidebar question:

I don't want the side bar white and added a background colour to it to break the white. What I have noticed though is that it only expands as far as the widgets go and not all the way to the footer. How can I make it expand to the footer feature area if the widget does not fill up the whole sidebar?

  • Tammie


    1. Try something like this:

    #header-wrapper {

    It is 100px height set but you probably want to use the custom header banner NOT the banner image like that yes? It is never said anywhere that is the set size for the banner that's just CSS or you use the custom header. I think you're confused over each bit. You have 2 methods of adding an image to the header - 1 custom header and 2 add image and if you do that you need to NOT have it full width OR do some serious CSS edits.

    2. Yes you shouldn't have a full width one there as already said.

    3. Show me your site with it set up correctly please without that full width image and I can judge but there are no issues on any of those browsers with standard settings on and the right settings - you've got the wrong ones for the CSS.

    4. Please show me and make sure ALL plugins are off apart from BuddyPress. Nobody has reported this when the site is set up correctly with all options so please do. If you set it on set up the image or setting don't just leave it blank - so we're all on same page. That or build up settings as you are meant to build your home page using this theme.

    5. You would have to use firebug and do a custom edit.

  • AquaPebble


    I have taken the image off.

    I got the header size from Appearance>header. I was using the full logo option set to yes linking to that full banner size. There was no where giving a max or recommended size, so I tested with the size in appearance>header.

    The reason I was testing that was for a custom header for branding. Just not sure what to call it with the header feature area below the menu also called header. I need to get an idea of size we can use.

    I may find the same problem if I use a logo with the site name - it will be too long.

    I have disabled all plugins and only enabled Buddypress and renamed mu-plugins to deactivate it.

    I have searched for a few days to find how to expand a sidebar to be the same size as the content, but can't find how to do it. Please could you help me with how to do it in the child css.

  • AquaPebble


    I tried the custom header and as mentioned the community thing appears over (on top) of the custom header, because our name is too long the menus jump down. I have this option enabled for you to see.

    If I don't put our name the word "Studio" appears in it's place. The only work around I can think of is to reduce the font size or leave out site name, which may be okay if we have a full banner.

    BUT if the guys decide they don't want the full banner in that position then I am back to the name being too long and not being able to use a logo with the name.

    About the sidebar - no there is no widget. I mean that when you add a background to the sidebar and only have 1 widget the background only shows around that widget and it is white below. I have to have widgets installed for the full length of the page for this white part not show. From what I can tell the sidebar is only as big as the widget area. I would like it to be the same length as the content.

  • Tammie

    @AquaPebble: I think you will need to have some custom editing of the CSS to get what you want from the header. You can use firebug and edit header.php but there is no way around it we do have a lot of options in Studio just it's not Daily it's a different theme.

    As for the sidebar try removing the padding but again I'd need to see a widget to get what you mean as it's not exactly clear. I strongly suggest all these changes are firebug and child.css ones though nothing too much at worst a header.php change. However, you are trying to do things that this theme doesn't come out of the box built for as you are doing for a client.

  • AquaPebble


    Have a look at this page:

    You will see that the blue is only behind the who is online. I want that blue background to go all the way to the footer feature bar, without filling the sidebar with widgets.

    I am not expecting it to be daily, but surely a theme in standard form should accommodate longer names? I can't even have that option, with just our name, without problems. And absolutely can't add a logo with our name.

    Don't get me wrong it is a stunning theme and you did a great job, but feel this issue is a weakness. I will try and work around it if I can.

    Where would I make changes to stop "Studio" showing if no name is entered?

    I will also look and see if the I can figure out what to do to allow a longer name and logo without throwing the menus.

  • Tammie

    @AquaPebble: You can easily change the CSS as said to get around the issues like the #header-wrapper height. Please don't claim I've ever said the theme won't accomodate long names - I've given you examples on how to do it. Studio appears as a name if you don't add one - just add one in theme options and job done :slight_smile: You can change the font size too in the CSS - your choice. Please don't claim a weakness that simply isn't there as this is possibly one of our most powerful themes so hardly weak.

    Lets end this discussion regarding that matter as you've been told solutions it's up to you to use them. I understand that with a new theme you may be feeling frustrated but you need to understand it's not the theme restricting you and you've been told solutions.

  • AquaPebble


    I am not claiming anything - I asked a question and said I feel it is a weakness. I am sorry if this offends, but this is an opinion and not necessarily a fact. I just feel a theme should be able to allow a company to use their name without having to do all sorts of css work to do so. I think we can agree to disagree on this.

    The thing is I don't want to change the font size, I like it as it is, but I can't use our name as it is too long for the theme and throws the menus out.

    So I think well maybe I can convince them to go with just a custom header - but then I have the word studio showing because I can't use our name in the themes option as you suggest.

    I am sorry but I don't see that as a solution.

    So if I stop the word studio showing I can perhaps have a work around they will accept. I haven't been told what to change to do this as filling in a name that is too long is not an option - it doesn't work with this theme.

    And I also haven't found a solution to the sidebar yet.

  • Tammie

    @AquaPebble: I did explain in the first bit...

    I am not claiming anything - I asked a question and said I feel it is a weakness. I am sorry if this offends, but this is an opinion and not necessarily a fact. I just feel a theme should be able to allow a company to use their name without having to do all sorts of css work to do so. I think we can agree to disagree on this.

    This is not the case you've already been told several resolutions for this and the screenshot shows just one of those lets draw a line under this. I am not offended but as a public forum we have to make sure correct statements about a theme are made.

    To be honest you either seem under pressure or not understanding this theme fully yet and maybe you have a deadline or are panicking a bit (not seeing things I've updated and so on). I see you are on 1.0.3 and that was just updated today. My suggestion would be to do the following:

    1. Mock up what you want
    2. Get to know the theme for a bit

    Then you can calmly look at what needs addressing without seeing something as a weakness when it is not.

  • Tammie

    @AquaPebble: As I said before you can't easily you can fake it probably (haven't tested you'd have to in all browsers (no need for compatibility mode that's not usual practice not sure why you seem to test that one it's not common practice or even good practice). You can add a background colour to #container and one to #content see if that works - make the #container one the same as the one you want for your #sidebar.

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