Studio Theme for Buddy Press – where to find help?

Read all the tutorials I could find – here and on searches – and none seem to be very helpful for what I need. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

Few issues….

First, I installed the Studio theme but my buttons (home, activity, etc.) aren’t showing. Nor is my tagline. Worked fine on other themes. No idea what’s causing it.

Next, I need to customize the template. I’m fine with working with HTML, CSS and even php files, but I’m all turned around on these templates. The child themes vs. customizing code inside the Network Admin dashboard vs. root files. Can anyone point me to some really detailed tutorials for customizing themes and troubleshooting the templates?

I’m hoping in a week or so, it will all be very clear but I’ve got a lot of trial-and-error ahead of me before I figure it out. Thanks!!