STUDIO THEME: How to change/delete the admin message in the pull-down login panel?

I am using the Studio theme to manage a BuddyPress based community web site.

At some point I added an admin message that shows up in the pull-down login panel at the top. The message appears for visitors who are not logged in, and it can be dismissed once read.

This message appears in the left side of the panel when a visitor clicks "Hello" (where the user's name would appear if they were logged in).

I cannot find where I first enabled this, leaving me unable to change/delete it now. I have combed through the Studio theme options, custom CSS and BuddyPress settings and pages to no avail.

While I do have the WPMU Dev "Ultimate Branding" plugin installed, I have not been using it to manage admin messages, so there's nothing there.

I am hoping someone can help me identify what Studio module/settings govern the display of the admin message in the top panel.

(I cannot believe I did not document this when I first set the message. I'm feeling rather foolish for this oversight now.)

I would be grateful for any insight someone may be able to offer on this.

Many thanks,
Sue Braiden.