Studio Theme Slide Content Settings Not Working Properly


I threw up a silly blog here just now:
I figure I could use a place to play with the Studio Theme.

It looks to me that the "Enter a link for your image to lead to" option isn't working properly:

Is this a browser thang, a theme bug, somethin' else?


  • dainis
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    right, uploaded to the parent theme and it works now:

    For those coming to this later, the target directory is:


    Thanks, and I'll do my best to include URL's in these kinds of requests...though I may add a screencast of the behavior if just looking at a short vid would save a longer amount of typing...does that make sense?

    So, if I can't figure out what a certain part of a theme is called and when I click "here," and do "this" and expect "that," but it does "thisOtherThing," and my settings are for it to do "this," but it doesn't...well...likely I'd include a screencast and a link because a text description might take half an hour to write whereas a screencast would take 30-90 seconds to make...

    Does that make sense, and can we agree on that?

    Best and thanks for the fix. :slight_smile:


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