Studio tweaks

Hi there,

Love love love the new theme, thanks heaps! Just a couple of questions if thats OK.

I've set-up the child.css and all is well, appart from the fact that the title H tags don't get drawn from it.
I want to seperate out some of the colors for the headers, but can't figure out how to get the child.css to control them. Is there something else I need to change?

Also, is there any way to remove the BuddyPress admin bar compleatly? I'd like to just take the option out of the code if poss, as I've downloaded the 'Remove BuddyPress Admin Bar' plugin (which I thought was the easiest option) but that just leaves a blank space at the top of the page where it used to be. I'm only going to use Buddy Press for a limited support area, so don't need the admin menu bar at all.

Any help would be great, but once again - fab theme!