Style Order Status page

mp_order_status has little to no tagging for css. I would like to fix that (for at least my site).

By looking at gridmarket, i see it calls it’s own framemarket_mp_order_status() instead of mp_order_status.

I created a mp_orderstatus.php in my theme, and since I copied the one from gridmarket, it promptly broke things, but that was okay, as it was still progress. I fixed it to call mp_order_status() and it works great.

How do I replicate this to my theme?

Looking in functions.php, I see this:

if ( class_exists( 'MarketPress' ) ) {
require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/library/functions/marketpress.php');

Do I just need to add something similar to my theme functions.php for my_custom_mp_order_status() ?

Do I need anything else or just a copy of the mp_order_status() function?

P.S. The marketpress theming files (the text file primarily), don’t really go into detail on theming things like this function, it would be nice if those files could be updated to expand upon things like this.

I suspect this will not only help myself, but some of the other recent discussions looking for more professional receipts.. any help would be appreciated.