Styling a parent theme

I could use some css 101

I'm trying to style a parent theme called arclite from the farms 133 theme pack. I create arclite-child folder and copied the style.css to it (removing all codes but the theme details). Then I add the @import url and for my changes I simply changed the color from black to white resulting in... a, a {

Uploaded this new edit style.css to arclite-child folder but I see no changes. Something is wrong of course but what?

I watched Tammies video but the example was with buddypress so it was a bit over my head how to translate that to work and get my desired result.

Here is my resulting code in style.css. The one in my newly created arclite-child folder.

Note the http:// all have spaces. I am only trying to avoid them from creating links in my post.


Theme Name: Arclite

Theme URI: http://

Description: Simple but elegant theme with lots of theme options. Designed by digitalnature.

Version: 2.02

Author: digitalnature

Author URI: http://

Tags: light, brown, two-columns, flexible-width, right-sidebar, theme-options, threaded-comments, custom-header, translation-ready

Arclite Wordpress theme


Design and coding by digitalnature


The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL.



/* Inherit the default theme styles */
@import url( http:// ); a, a {

Help appreciated

  • Mason

    Hiya drdave,

    I think there's some issues in the way you're calling the files. For instance you must refer to the parent as the "template" in the child's style.css.

    Tammie's done a tutorial on Parent and Child themes which you can see here:

    It has good information below the video as well. Even though she's referring to a BuddyPress theme the beginning part is still applicable to what you're wanting to do, you just want need to pull in the extra buddypress stuff.

    Also found a rather in depth guide here as well:

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • drdave

    Thanks for the in depth link I pretty much follow a lot of what he is doing but that is great ref so I bookmarked.

    you must refer to the parent as the "template" in the child's style.css.

    Yes sir.

    In addition to that I forgot to activate my new child theme for that user.
    I got so caught up in the problem I neglected the basic stuff.

    Also is there a way to get a thumbnail view in Appearance/Themes? I see the name of my child theme but no thumbnail. Currently I only have the style.css file in child folder. I tried adding some other files/folders from the parent but nothing worked.

    Thanks a lot!