Styling for Social Media Buttons to fit in Search Area

I have place social media buttons in the theme’s header and added some css for the buttons however I am not experienced enough to have them appear next to the search area on the search bar. The site is Any help would be appreaciated as I know this is a customization that might not be supported. Thanks in advance.


  • Eric G.
    • The Crimson Coder

    Here is how I would do it, but may need to tweak. I’m not too great with the standards, but I know this works.

    You need to remove the position:absolute from the style sheet and add a float:left to it.

    This will put it where you want it. Then you will want to remove the library code (ul, li) and just have all of the icons float left. YOu will need to style them each.

    That may get you started,.

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