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<p><img class="size-full wp-image-123 alignnone" title="Creative Commons: Offices 2 by Toby Charlton-Taylor" src="" alt="Compliance Auditing by Torch Health Solutions" width="900" height="40" />

Regulatory compliance is a growing concern for healthcare providers, and is only increasing in its scope and repercussions. We believe this is an opportunity, not a threat. Torch Health Solutions can assist your organization in establishing a comprehensive quality-assurance program to develop actions, protocols and education, which mitigates risk and creates a competitive advantage.</p>
<p>Torch Health Solutions partners with national coding, compliance and auditing experts including physician coding specialists to deliver prospective and retrospective auditing services and educational programs for its clients. These programs not only serve to protect your organization from a compliance standpoint, but can also be used to empower billing understanding and revenue stabilization.</p>
<p>Torch Health Solutions auditing services can include:</p>

  • Single project compliance assessments
  • Ongoing compliance program development and management
  • Educational sessions by coding and physician experts
  • Financial analysis considering audit results
  • Claims processing auditing with consideration of payer guidelines and cash flow

<p>Torch Health Solutions has a track record of successful co-managing both the risks and opportunities inherent in coding, billing and compliance operations.</p>