Styling Issues After Nelo Update

The new way styles are loaded in WPMU-Nelo to v. 2.2.2 is wreaking havoc on our layout, and I have a number of questions...

What is the reason for loading styles via options now? Was no consideration made for styles that need to be loaded by plugins? Is there a way to revert to the old styling method in v. 2.1.7? If not, could somebody please take a moment to compare the dev site at where I have updated Nelo with our live site at and help me resolve these issues:
Compare styling of contact form (cforms II plugin) with:
Compare styling of forums (Simpleress plugin) with: vs:
and vs:
and vs:
Notice how borders are getting added to all tables in the new version vs:
Notice the white space under the header image in the new version.

NOTE: I have uncommented @import url('lib/css/child-style.css'); in child/style.css as instructed, updated our child theme styles using child/lib/css/child-style.css and added the #custom to numerous custom styles which seem to be getting applied correctly. The cforms plugin, however, already uses #cf to identify many styles in their stylesheet (which I have added to child-style.css with no affect), and Simpleress uses far too many styles to mess with.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help resolve these issues caused by the theme update.