Styling membership forms

How can I change the styling of the membership forms AND protect those style changes in future upgrades. The grey blue colors are difficult to read and are jarring in a theme utilizing gold and burgundy tones?

I see the css color options in the button.css but I can’t see where to select a color theme.

I manually made changes in several of the css files (subscriptionform, registration popup, button) etc and I don’t want my client to lose these changes if they need to upgrade the plugin

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    Hi beanfair,

    Take all your changes from the various css files and stick them in your main theme file. If the other css files are called after your main css file and thus overwrite the changes you can always use !important in your main CSS file i.e. .button{ color: #000!important; }

    If all the styles are in your theme stylesheet they wont be overwritten upon plugin updates.

    Hope that helps

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