Styling Question

A couple of things I cannot find for custom styling / CSS

The loading.gif - How can I customise this - (I see there is one in the main images folder but if I change this is will get over written during upgrades)

Where can I edit the CSS for the ITEM ADDED (The green box after adding to cart)



  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    If you change the image it will get overwritten during updates, yes - but it would be a simply case of re-uploading which should take less than a minute to do.

    You'll need to use something like Firebug or Chrome's Inspector to detect the CSS that applies to that message. Then you'll know which rules to override with custom CSS.


  • redboatdesign
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Phil,

    The only issue with the replacement of the loading image after each update it that it becomes a pain when using on client sites. if they upgrade I wil not know and they will lose the style.

    This applies as the site I am currently building has a dark / coloured background. It the site had a white background it would not be an issue.

    I'll look at the recommendation for the ITEM added class and work this one out.



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