Styling the Checkout Pages

Hey, I'm working on this site and I'm wondering if there is any way to style the shipping information page section of checkout.

Also I'm having a problem with the styling of the page after the shipping info.

If you look make it to the page after the Shipping Information it no longer has the clean table format of the actual Shipping Information page. And when I looked through the text file about styling marketpress pages I didn't see any that covered these pages.

If there any way for me to style these pages easily? We are wrapping up and finishing the site soon and it would be nice to have these pages be a bit more presentable.

  • Vaughan

    hi @will_fuelling

    Thanks for posting on the forum.

    have you checked out the default theme templates, the shipping page should be in there somewhere, or it maybe in 1 of the plugin core files? if it has CSS classes/ID's attached to it, then it could be styled with CSS. Firebug addon for Firefox would help lots in developing that.

    Sorry I couldn't access the shipping page on your site as I received an SSL error page.

    If you require any further help, please don't hesitate to ask.


  • will_fuelling

    Hey, just an update on my end. Thanks for the idea William, I tried looking into doing things the way that you set up the order page. However the checkout pages don't have any .php file naming conventions called out by the theming txt or the functions.php files. I looked through the files and it seemed like the code to really modify those pages is merged into the code used to make the credit card gateway stuff function. So in order for me to say, align the labels of the left of the shipping information form. I had to manually go in there and change them from the right align.

    However, for the actually styling of the tables, I just found that Gridmarket didn't seem to have any styling on ".mp_cart_billing" After I added that in with the same values as my styling on ".mp_cart_shipping" everything was pretty nice on that page.

    It was the template-functions.php in marketpress that I ended up having to modify. Is there a way for my to call that section of the file from my theme's functions.php? Since I know it seems like the Marketpress files get rewritten by updates. Having only the areas I need to edit in one safer spot would be much prefered on my end.

  • aristath

    Have you thought of doing the the way GridMarket does?
    If you take a closer look at the products page for example, you'll notice that it copies the function from MarketPress's template-functions.php file, renames it to gridmarket_mp_product and uses that on the template files.

    So you could use a similar logic... copying the core functions, renaming them and using those in your template files. :slight_smile:

    I hope that helps!

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