Styling the Classifieds page and sidebar

On the screenshots for Classifieds page looks professional and easily read. That's not what I'm getting on my page! Also some of the screen shots show the latest classifieds in the sidebar. The caption of these shots say "Classifieds with widgets" . I can't find any widgets or settings in my installation to achieve this look. I've attached my own screen shot of what my page looks like. The listings I created do have photos, but they don't show up until you click the link. Where do I find the settings to change things around so that it displays like the screen shots that are provided.

Also, since the credit card option isn't actually available thru classifieds, how do we get rid of it on our site? Don't want my customers to try paying that way and then getting the error message when they hit submit. I think it would cause many to become frustrated and leave the page!