sub-domain and sub directory in single WPMU

Hi all,

I have a WPMU with sub-domain installed and using domain mapping very fine at

I have mapped to and mapped to

Now, is it possible to have following at

If yes, is it possible via:

- sub-domain using the hosting cPanel
- In Domain Mapping field for blog on


  • Patrick

    Hi @Goelji

    Let me see if I have this right.

    You have a root site:
    Mapped a site to
    Now want to add

    That doesn't look like it's going to work. But I'm no expert on complicated DNS configurations like that.

    Let's wait and see if someone more knowledgeable in the community can give a definitive answer. I've also requested some input from other support staff on this issue, but that may take a bit longer than usual as most of the staff are away at a meetup:

  • Patrick


    I just finished a chat with one of my fellow staffers who is more knowledgeable than I when it comes to mapping domains. Here are the conclusions:

    You already have a domain mapped to

    And want to have which won't work. You can't have a sub domain of a sub domain .

    You also have a domain mapped to

    And want which can't be done either.

    You might manage to do something with Multi-Domains with the sub domains but you still can't get it down to 2 sub's on one domain, it won't work.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    I think it might be possible but you'd have to test this. :slight_smile:

    You have a root site:
    Mapped a domain ( to
    Mapped a domain ( to

    Now want to add:

    So, you can have <-- Root domain. <-- Sub site on root domain. You want to map to that. <-- Another sub site of the root domain. You want to map to that.

    All good so far.

    The next part is slightly more complicated. <-- Are you wanting this to be another blog? Or is this simply the slug for the blog on the current site?

    If it's another blog, then it's not possible as Patrick said.

    If it's a slug/page for a blog on this current site, well then you could maybe achieve this through the use of another plugin.

    This plugin lets you map pages with domain names. I've not tested this in a network install with domain mapping. You'd need to give this a shot.

    Please do let us know how that goes.

    Take care.

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