Sub-site & Main-site Sharie Same Title (& settings) after Snapshot Import/Restore

Hello Dev Team!

Hope all is well! Wondering if you can look at something for me.

I am moving several sites from around the internet into one WP Multisite install. Importing a snapshot causes the sub-site (7) dashboard to conflict with main dashboard. It's as if the settings from the sub-site, are being applied to the main site and vise versa. For example, the sub-site title will override the main site title. And, changing the main site title back, will override the sub-site.

Again, changing this... Site 7 >> Settings >> General >> Site Title = Some Name
will also change this... Site 1 >> Settings >> General >> Site Title = Some Name
(numbers refer to site ID)

I've duplicated the error by creating and new sub-site (8) and verified it's settings did NOT change the main site settings. After restoring a snapshot (pulled from the live site) is when this strange issue occurred. With the new sub-site (8) changing and being changed by the main site settings.

I have granted access to the site (it's initials are MDC) through WPMU Dev Dashboard.

Thank you advance for your help.