Sub Site Profile Images Not


I'm having a problem with some images on a subsite in bp corporate.

If you look here: - you'll see that my (Brian Bowman) profile image displays fact allmembers display fine as do the group icon images.

However, after just creating a subsite, here: - you can see that some images and both group images are missing.

i'm using:
1. Latest version of WP 3.0.2
2. BP latest version
3. BP Corporate Child (latest 1.3.3? (downloaded yesterday)
4. Plug-ins include:
- Askimet, BP Calendar, BP Group Documents, Buddypress and Wordpress Importer

I've tried DEACTIVATING ALL plugins and then REACTIVATING, but to know avail...the subsite images still don't show up as noted above.

Please advise..thanks.