Sub sites how to set meta slider ?

Dear Sir,

Sub sites how to set metaslider?

I have metaslider at my home page.
now I want to add to subsites.

Should I go to appearance-features settings- image intro ?

Copy & paste the shortcode directly into any WordPress post or page.

short code from subsite
[metaslider id=12]

Template Include
Copy & paste this code into a template file to include the slideshow within your theme.

this is the code from sub site
echo do_shortcode("[metaslider id=12]");

Step 4: Insert the slideshow into a Post or Page

Scroll down to the Usage section (bottom right) and copy the shortcode text. Paste the shortcode

directly into any post or page within WordPress to include your slideshow.

If you'd like to include the slideshow directly in a template (to include it on your homepage for

example), paste the 'PHP Include' text directly into your themes header.php file.