Sub Wikis ignore ORDER field FIX

I posted on another thread the following:

I am using the WIKI plugin. Great so far. Love it.

But the SUB WIKIS section on a wiki page are in order of their creation. It ignores entirely the ORDER field. This is important to have or at least let us have a way to turn off the listing of the sub wikis. Any chance this could be changed?

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The Reply from Phil was:


Yes, I also get this problem in my test site. Let me pass it onto the developer to have a look into.



I could not reply over there. Presumed the thread was closed so am offering the fix here:

File: wiki-include.php

Line: 656

Original code:

$children = get_children('post_parent='.$post->ID.'&post_type=incsub_wiki');

Replacement code:

$children = get_children('post_parent='.$post->ID.'&post_type=incsub_wiki&orderby=menu_order&order=ASC');

That’s working really well. Hope it helps.

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