Subdomain not mapping correctly

Dear WPMU Dev Team,

Hosted at: Rackspace Cloud
Wordpress Version: 3.5.1 (network install as sub-directories)
Domain Mapping Plugin version: 3.2.2

I currently have a wordpress network installed and hosted at Rackspace Cloud. We are using the wordpress network to create websites for clients, and we need to be able to offer our clients the option to own their own custom domains, in this trial case ( and have it point to her sub-directory of our network (

We have made some progress following the following this article:

As well as your usage guide:

Unfortunately, we can get the url to resolve as expected. When you try to visit, instead of being directed to the sub-directory, you only get directed to This leads me to believe that the problem lies with the configuration of the plugin. Here is our process so far:
Installed a wordpress network (as sub-directories) on rackspace cloud.
Created several child sites.
Installed the WPMU Domain Mapping plugin.

Created an A Record for that points to
(this particular domain name is registered through dreamhost)
Then within the rackspace clouds admin area, we set up as an alias of
Then we tested that resolves. was resolving to
(at this point, it should be noted that manually typing in the url would load the correct wordpress child site)
Then, within Jill Worth's site admin area, we added to the domain mapping settings.
(after doing so, manually typing in the url resolved to Typing in the URL also resolves to The child site is no longer accessible at all. Access to the child site's admin area is possible, but not the actual website.
As far as I can tell from following these steps, adding to the domain mapping plugin should have just worked, and I have no idea what is going wrong.

Could you suggest a course of action so we can fix this together?