subdomain setup + domain mapping + a sub domani for the mapped domain

Is this possible?

Details is being sent to wants to add a service that is usually run on a sub domain

how would this be done? domain control and just create a cname for a subdomain? is it that simple or does the multisite make that a mess?

  • thinkmarketact
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    I'm not sure you understand my question

    more detail this time... is on my multi site and it is pointing to

    within the domain mapping on the multi site for i enter
    within the domain control of the client site i enter my ip addy as an a record

    that is done and now when i type in i end up at

    but now the client wants a sub domain

    the will get its info from someone other than me.

    so what do i do?

    tell my client to go to his domain control and create a cname and point it to who ever will be showing content on the new subdomain?

    end result should be as follows

    when someone opens up in the browser my clients site comes up
    when someone opens up in the browser something else opens up.

  • Mark de Scande
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    @thinkmarketact yes it is doable :slight_smile:

    you want it do to this :slight_smile: maps to then the user have to set up the blog on and then have a blog at

    This is the way is working

    All you have to do is go to and then just add his domain name in there.

    I hope this helps

  • Mark de Scande
    • Syntax Hero

    @thinkmarketact Ok i thinks i am with you :slight_smile:

    Try this

    Advanced DNS Zone Editor

    Add a Record

    TTL 60

    After i have just spent time in typing this i see a problem the the site will point to not going to work for you sorry buddy

    Idea :slight_smile:
    If the customer has his own setup and cpanel account he can then set it up the way you were thinking .

    Sorry buddy but i am lost for words here

    I want to kick my self here we go

    This will work Cpanel / Fantastico
    the just set up a wordpress site in a subdir Ie +

    SO it will give him 2 websites :slight_smile:

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