Subdomain Setup in Prosites

I was hesitant to ask for help until I tried all options. I seem to be having problems with subdomains and prosites. I could go through the whole story but would rather just give the facts and if anyone thinks they know how they can help me, I would really appreciate it.

1) My site is (yes i took www out everywhere)
2) I am hosted by media temple dv, and use the plesk backend software to make changes
3) I went through all the steps to setup multisite and prosites (3 times), and seem to have the same issues.
4) I think I setup the wildcard DNS correctly, because i am able to create a subdomain from this address:
5) The problem is when I try to go to that subdomain on the web, or try to get into the subdomain backend to customize it.
6) I can also get to the signup page by typing a bogus subdomain address, like - this means something is working...
7) So in general, I can create subdomains but once they are setup (through the form or if i do it on the backend), i cannot access those sites. Could it be a plugin issue?

PLEASE HELP, I want to get prosites rocking on my site asap!!!


Scott W