Subdomain Stopped Resolving Unexepectedly

I have a Multisite Network setup using your Domain Mapping and Multi-Domain Plugins, I have a subdomain setup, that has been working well for a month or so. I was adjusting some layout settings in the theme and saved my work, but received an ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED message. I have other sites on the network that are mapped to their own domain names and they are fine. The only issue I have is with subdomain sites, not mapped to their own domain. I tried setting up a new subdomain, but that had the same result. So at this point, I can't access the Dashboard or the frontend of the subdomain site on my network. The domains are registered through GoDaddy, with a wild card - A Record pointing at the correct IP. The HOsting is through HostGator. Thank you for your help in advance.